How it began

Our Beginnings

We are proud to present ERIN DIGITAL, an educational and student management platform created as part of the global digital revolution in the New Media Age.

Our flagship company, ERIN PUBLISHING HOUSE, started in Singapore in 2009. We published our first Malay language book in 2010. By 2015, Erin has a portfolio of over 40 titles used in almost 100 schools, serving more than 100,000 students, setting new standards in Malay language education publishing in Singapore.

Our endeavour began with a passion for education, starting with the Malay language. We wanted to contribute to the learning journey of students. We believed in the significance of education and wanted to create educational media that would help our learners outshine. We prized excellence.

We were fortunate to learn from many individuals. Amongst them were master teachers, educators, linguists and content creators, parents as well as students. They came from across the country and the region. Many became our friends. Their remarkable support, encouragement and feedback helped us enormously in the development of our publications and in furthering our pursuit for education.

"Our journey has been challenging yet enriching, hard work and exciting in equal measures. Most importantly, these experiences, together with the remarkable support of educators, parents and learners, have inspired us to keep pursuing our dream of creating the most functional educational platform to enhance your learning journey."

Leading the path to transformational learning

Bridging Education


An effective interface with a robust infrastructure for both learners and educators from all industries.


A platform that facilitates efficient, effective communication to promote unrestricted and accessible learning no matter where the learners and educators are.


Accessible educational content and materials from verified vendors to enhance the learning journey.

Passionate about Education

Meet our team

Our team consists of passionate and committed individuals who believe that technology is a perfect enabler for education in the 21st century. Technology paves the way for a more enhanced, enjoyable and integrated learning experience.

Rodney Sherrard

Rodney Sherrard

Founder, CFO

Rodney Sherrard is a Northern Irish finance professional having spent over 25 years working for several investment banks and inter-dealer brokerage firms. Together with my partner Riza Yacob we established Erin Publishing LLP in 2009 to publish Malay language educational books. I looked after all financial aspects of the initial start up and ongoing financial management of the business.

Haddad Alhaddad

CTO, Consulting

Haddad Alhaddad has more than 15 years of experience in System Integration, IT & Corporate Consultancy, Procedural Analysis, Support and Development for a range of SMEs, MNCs and Governmental Organizations.

He has assisted with corporations such as ARAMCO, SABIC, Offshore, Marine, Geotechnical, Rigging and Oil Companies & Associations, Educational, Cultural and Language Centers and Agencies inclusive of Governmental and Autonomous entities based in APAC.

Haddad is currently a Director and Board Member and leads the Development team for One Spiffy Pty Ltd in Australia.

Team Ninja

Development, IT

Our family of Ninjas are made up of individuals, professionals and teams living across the globe, connecting through our integrated, internal applications and solutions to make those seemingly far distances feel like a walk to your nearby cafe.

We are different from the on-set; not for Glory but for Honour. The mission and philosophy inculcated would be one of Bushidō (武⼠士道), for Honour, Respect and Discipline. We offer our expertise of close to a decade in product and services.