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Erin Digital provides a fully extensible and customisable platform for learning, school management and educational e-commerce.

Our education platform complements your teaching. Expand and inspire your learners in creative ways. Let us push your passion for education to the forefront.

At the core of Erin Digital is the STUDENTS. Learn and engage, anywhere and everywhere.

Let's do it together.

Broadening opportunities for Educators

Explore Possibilities


Inspire students through creative learning. Help adult learners gain new knowledge, master new skills and advance career progression!


Utilize our community driven platform to facilitate effective communication for all - from educators and learners to parents and managers.


Upload your educational content and materials on our fully customisable platform. Earn extra income whilst enhancing student's learning journey!

Digitalise course content

Plan, Create and Engage

Utilising our easy to use platform, let us compliment your passion for teaching. Upload your unique content through our easy to follow steps and publish your teaching materials!

Need more help?
Take advantage of our free tutorials and launch your journey of content digitalisation. We make use of real examples from our very own educators.

We are here, whenever you need help.

Let's BEGIN by drawing up a simple plan.

Choose the topic you would like to teach.

Plan your course in simple to digest sections using Pages, Microsoft Word, Google Docs or even your favourite notebook.

Overlay each section with a tutorial or video lectures, keeping in mind the goal you would like your students to accomplish at the end of the section.

Follow-up with quizzes and possible interactive elements and you have a guide to create and teach.

And you are off to a good start!

Start Creating!

Set your course objectives and build up your teaching content using our easy to follow guide.

Remember, we are always here to help.


Got a smartphone handy? Maybe even a professional camera? Get started by propping your smartphone or camera and take a video of your first lecture.

If you are camera shy, make use of screen recorders such as SnagIt, Camtasia or even Adobe Captivate with your voice overlayed.

Let's Build

With your content recorded and your instruction detailed, it is now time to build your course. With our easy to use Interface, simply drag and drop content, materials, videos and media elements into the template within the course structure defined in the first step.

No programming or codes - just drag, drop, copy, paste and upload. Add your special touch for quizzes and get whimsical with our Interactive H5P editor (allowing for card games, match-ups, etc).
When you're done, create your special certificate for students who have completed your course.

Need help building?

Let us know! We will be more than happy to oblige by reviewing your content or even giving you additional tools to assist.

Engage and Create a Following

Write and introduce yourself to your students. Some may be your actual school students, but a nice welcome message always gives a fresh and friendly start to their learning journey.

Create groups for your students and engage them with questions, quizzes and exercises.
Review their performance and alternate their educational materials for variation that will further enhance their learning journey.

At Erin, it is not just about learning. It is also about community and engagement.

Teaching Made Effective

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