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Accessible learning for everyone.

Erin Digital provides a fully extensible and customisable platform for learning, school management and educational e-commerce.

Create courses, manage students and sell educational products with our easy to use, customisable tools.

Erin Digital platform provides a gateway for parents to receive school information, semester reports and engage with teachers.

At the core of Erin Digital is the STUDENTS. Learn and engage, anywhere and everywhere.

Let's do it together.

Learning Made Simple

Courses and

Pathways are a simple guide to the library of courses, books and materials on Erin. Get access to our library of educational materials and hours of content. Click on Courses to review our latest Digital Courses or Pathways to view specially A.I. designs paths combining digital courses with materials and educational tools.

Leading the path to holistic learning

Bridging Education


Providing a simple yet effective interface with a robust infrastructure to both learners and educators from all industries.


Providing a community driven platform to facilitate effective communication for all - from educators and learners to parents and managers.


Fully customised experience, allowing schools and teachers to expound on materials from vendors to enhance student's learning journey.

Key Features

Your journey is

We believe each and every journey is unique. View some of the features if you are a student, teacher, school administrator or an educational vendor.

Gain knowledge through curated course structures. Explore pathways to enhance your learning journey. Manage courses and lesson plans. Receive Certificates and Reports for Courses completed.
Be a part of a larger community by engaging other students from your classroom, or members from your course groups. Of course, one-to-one engagement is always available.
Get personal learning recommendations based on our customised Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) algorithm. Thrive with customised learning content.
We request for submission of certificates from sources and educators to ensure that the standard of course contents, educational materials and publications are maintained.
Engage and educate through student groupings, either by class or by ability. Manage each group independently and allow for collaboration when needed. Utilise our integrated student review, report and grading system.
Engage with students individually through our integrated and secure one-one Video, Audio and Messaging capability. Allow students to communicate questions and requirements through our Sessions platform.
Create and curate courses, quizzes, assessments and materials for students by utilising our unique drag-and-drop learning system with H5P capabilities. Allowing educators to create interactive content within each course and even re-use elements to create new and unique courses for individual students.
We are truly passionate about educational progression and learning. Each course created by educators can be tailored to their students need and capabilities. Providing grading and grade-book tools and reporting including personalised certificates for students.

Passionate about Education


With a progressively increasing portfolio used in over 80 schools, and our fundamental belief in the importance of excellence and 'not being average'. We are truly loved as a platform for educational learning.

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Singapore Broadcaster

Anglo Chinese School (Junior)

Primary School, Singapore

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Primary School, Singapore

Our team consists of passionate and committed individuals who believe that technology is a perfect enabler for education in the 21st century. Technology paves the way for a more enhanced, enjoyable and integrated learning experience.

Riza Yacob

CEO, Founder

Riza Yacob is a Singaporean born entrepreneur of Baweanese descent.

She founded Erin Publishing LLP in 2009. Together with her manager, editors and team of writers, Riza set off to publish high quality Malay language educational books for primary and secondary school students.

In 2015, Riza started her technology exploration, partnering with Haddad and their team of cool developers to realise their collective ambition of creating an educational platform to make learning accessible for everyone.

Haddad Alhaddad

CTO, Consulting

Haddad Alhaddad has more than 15 years of experience in System Integration, IT & Corporate Consultancy, Procedural Analysis, Support and Development for a range of SMEs, MNCs and Governmental Organizations.

Haddad is currently a Director and Board Member and leads the Development team for One Spiffy Pty Ltd in Australia.

Team Ninja

Development, IT

We are different from the on-set; not for Glory but for Honour. The mission and philosophy inculcated would be one of Bushidō (武⼠士道), for Honour, Respect and Discipline. We offer our expertise of close to a decade in product and services.